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Did you know we also did Render Cleaning Services?

Render is used across Southport and the wider North West, especially on large modern buildings, but the manufacturers of render recommend that it needs sprucing up from time to time.

Moorcroft plastering specialise in render cleaning and offer designated render cleaning services for all types of render, even if it wasn’t us who applied it in the first place.

If not cleaned regularly to the colour of render will appear to fade. This is because render is likely to become infected with algae, mosses, and lichens that stain and ruin the appearance of a home or commercial building.

Many people simply do not know an effective way to remove stains from render. Fortunately, Moorcroft plastering has a safe and eco-friendly way of removing organic matter and atmospheric pollution from exterior render.

Finished coloured renders like K-Rend, suffer from algae, bacteria and mildew staining. Weather and pollution can also lead to staining and discolouration.

At Moorcroft Plastering UK we use our low-pressure unit to gently clean render surfaces. If render is subjected to a high-pressure wash it can cause long term damage, we will return any render surface cleaned to its natural state, looking freshly painted, thus increasing the buildings kerb appeal and value.

We restore these surfaces, cleaning render, to as new conditions safely from the ground in most cases. In fact, we can restore any rendered surface including painted render and all pebble & spa dashed finishes.

It is also very likely that your render will look worse on the north and east sides of the building, where there is less natural sunshine. The warmer, more humid weather in the UK means that atmospheric growths are thriving, and are growing on render finished facades harder and faster than ever. Trying to remove these organic growths can prove problematic.

High-pressure washing can cause real damage, and if incorrectly removed the infection will return too soon.

With our treatments, we apply the correct products, with steam, to both clean the building and eliminate the infection. This ensures the building looks great after cleaning and keeps its brilliance. Almost looking as good as new.

Algae is one of the oldest organisms on the planet and usually the first organic growth to become visible on rendering walls. it is feeding of minerals and moisture in and on the substrate and once this happens specialist treatment will be required to remove it. Off the shelf biocides from garden centres will not be strong enough, and power washing, even if it seems to remove stains, will most likely damage your render permanently.

Whether you are looking for a K-Rend algae clean, or other render cleaning services, we are able to help. To discuss our render cleaning services please contact Moorcroft Plastering Southport today.

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