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New Year New Home

Traditionally January is a time when people make new years resolutions, with the start of a new year being used for a fresh start.

Over the years we have regularly speak to people in the Southport Merseyside area who use the start of the year to finally make those all-important home improvements that they regularly talked about. Without people spending more time than ever in their homes over the last 12 months, we expect to be busier than ever.

Are you thinking about some home improvements in the new year? Our team at Moorcroft Plastering, Southport can help with a number of plastering and rendering projects for homeowners to transform your property in 2021.

New Year home improvement ideas

1. Add an extension to your property: If you would like to boost the amount of interior space in your home, an extension is the ideal choice of home improvement project. In addition to extending the available space, you could also significantly increase the value of your property. With home extensions, there are lots of potential projects you can undertake, for example a rear single storey extension to boost the amount of space available in your kitchen. You could also extend the full side of your property adding additional rooms, these could be used to create bedrooms, build a study, or a whole range of rooms for various different uses.

2. Create an additional room with a loft conversion: For many, the loft is a valuable storage space, however if you don’t require a significant amount of storage space, the loft can be transformed into a large living area, providing you and your family with options to better customise your own property. A loft conversion is viewed by many as the original domestic alteration’. You can transform your loft into a variety of different types of rooms as the size available would provide you with far more space that you find in the typical spare room. For example, you could transform your home’s loft into a room that supports a hobby you’re passionate about, such as an arts and crafts studio.

3. Build an underground storage area: Home basements are quickly becoming a very popular way of adding additional space to your property. There possibilities are vast, you could create a wine cellar in a basement, creating the ideal retreat for a wine enthusiast, alternatively a musician may create a basement with some sound treatment to create an underground practice area to minimise disruption to neighbours.

Another great idea for home basement conversions is to create a bedroom with combined living space. A basement conversion would give you lots of space to work with, making it a great choice for an older teenage child, providing them with the comforts of home, alongside some additional privacy. This large area could become a bedroom, with a reasonably large living area, and perhaps even an en suite.

4. Convert your garage: The average garage is approximately 150ft² and with many people choosing to park their vehicles on their driveways, this space is often left underused and not taken advantage of. Garages can be transformed into numerous different buildings, from a comfortable home office, a playroom for a child, or you could convert the garage into guest accommodation with bedroom, shower and toilet facilities all in one quick location, making a very convenient and comfortable living area for guests visiting your family. The possibilities are too vast to list them all. Additionally, it’s worthwhile noting that a garage conversion could add additional value to your property, so converting your property could be a great investment opportunity. 5. Remodel a room: Internal alterations are a great way to transform your home without making large changes such as adding another floor or extending the rear of your property. For example, you could remodel your living room to become an open plan living area, or you could remove the wall between your kitchen and dining room and create a large kitchen diner.

Will 2021 be the year you transform your home into the home of your dreams?

Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions that they break within the first few days of January. So choose a home improvement resolution, look at how you can improve the quality of life for your family through a home projects. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team and transform your property into your dream home today.

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