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Increasing your homes value in 2022

Thankfully, as we approach the end of 2021, we are closer than ever to what feels like the end of the Pandemic. Despite this positive and strong end to the year, there is still uncertainty around certain industries and markets. The hospitality sector looks to be getting back on its feet, in 2022 travel should be more or less back to normal, and people are starting to head back into physical office space.

The housing market has had it both ways.

On paper, Estate Agents are flat out and there are more house sales than ever in the UK. A record number of first time buyers have recently took advantage of the Stamp Duty waiver

Almost 400,000 property transactions were hit by down valuations over the last year, a study has revealed.(The research, based on analysis by estate agent Benham and Reeves, suggested that a total of 390,285 homes were down valued by the surveyor on behalf of the mortgage lender, on the basis that the transaction price agreed by buyer and vendor was too high.)

After the events of 2020, 2021 was a difficult year to predict in the housing market. Now more stability is returning to the country, Zoopla have released some forecast information for 2022.

Ultimately, home renovations will be high on the agenda, as people once again look to add as much value as possible to their homes.

The property portal’s research forecasts a +3% increase in UK house prices over the course of 2022. This is across a predicted 1.2 million housing transactions.

Zoopla expects the house price gains seen over the past year to bring more sellers to the market in the coming months. However, a continued low supply will support price inflation. It points out that housing remains affordable in many markets, and competition among mortgage lenders will also keep rates low, leading to continued strong appetite in the sector next year.

The online property site also notes that the “artificial” rush caused by the stamp duty holiday this year will also mean we see activity continue to taper off. This factor will also not repeat itself in 2022, which is why there could be up to 20% less transactions across the housing market next year, albeit still at a strong level historically.

The North West Leading the way Zoopla’s city index for house prices this month, looking at September, the likes of Liverpool and Manchester are leading the way for the whole of the UK with annual house price rises of 10.4% and 8.7% respectively.

Looking To Sell In 2022, dress your house for sale.

We have been doing what we do for the people of Southport, Merseyside and beyond for a good while now. Regularly adding value to peoples homes through plastering, and rendering projects.

Want to add value to your home in 2022? Why not contact us for an informal discussion about your plans. Our assessment process is extensive, informative and we talk you through the process from start to finish. Not to mention, we are always competitive on price.

Starting a conversion with us today, could ensure that your plastering or rendering project is ready just in time for the spring.

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